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On the Train Again

April 6, 2009

I’m off to Worcester again. Didn’t manage to write over the weekend, but I was rather busy on Saturday and I think I’ll just plan to take Sundays off.

J. and I had a friend visiting this weekend and on Saturday we drove off to Hay-on-Wye again for a book shopping holiday. This time our navigation went much more smoothly and we arrived at 11. I managed to snag 3 different books on industrial archaeology, covering Bristol, Wales and Europe. I also spent about 3 hours going through the Hay Castle bookstore’s poorly indexed collection of maps, photos and other ephemera. I’ll be scanning my finds in when I get the chance. I found several old photos of ancient monuments in Iraq, one shot of Stonehenge from 1934 and a number of portrait photos that I’ll probably use for Call of Cthulhu at some point. All in all it was a pretty good time and I’m getting quite used to driving a manual at this point.

I didn’t do anything for school this weekend, which is fine. I’m feeling ready to hit the books this week and I needed a bit of a rest before I ramped things up. I’ll be in Worcester twice this week and will also be out to Taunton for the Somerset Records Office and Somerset Studies Library to get started in earnest on my management plan. I also plan to go out and visit the site I’m writing the plan for again.

Baseball is finally here! Sunday saw the first game in, but things really get started today. I’ve got my MLB Gameday account all sorted, so I’ll be able to enjoy some games when I have the time to. And this year I’ve managed to get myself into two fantasy leagues, which hopefully won’t be too much to handle. I’m feeling wistful about going to a game though. Wish I’d managed to make it to one last year before I left.

The agenda for today is more literature trawling. Not quite sure what all is there to dig into, but there’s a good bit of miscellaneous reprints, which I looked at a little bit, and a boxful of stuff about things along the Severn. I’m sure I’ll be able to keep myself busy. I think that on Thursday I’ll be visiting the county records office and/or the Worcester library. I also need to get online to look up several cited sources to see if I can wring more info out of them.

Toe Report: I jammed it again on a couch over the weekend, but was lucky not to re-injure it. I can walk on it just fine now without even thinking about it, which is actually perilous, as I’m now more likely to do something to hurt it again if I’m not careful. It’s still a bit tender, but walking on it doesn’t trigger anything.

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