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Kvetching Mk II

April 12, 2009

Two more wasted days under the bridge.

Well, I did manage to be productive domestically, but that’s not going to do much for my masters program is it? I’m feeling tired much of the time, which has me wondering if I’m having some sort of problem sleeping properly at night. That and it’s pretty easy to knock me out of the habits I’m trying to develop if anything interferes with them or upsets me. That’s left me feeling out of sorts most of the time.

But, at least I’m getting back on the horse fairly regularly now. Writing this blog/journal really does seem to be shaking off some of the dust from my brain. If I’m lucky, it’ll shake enough off that I can complete my management plan without having to go into sunglasses at night mode. At the moment, though, the thought of my sitting down and writing out just a part of it it (say, the historic background, which I should be able to do now) just fills me with ennui and dread.

As for other parts of that project, I’m stuck waiting on hearing back from people who I contacted just before the Easter holiday after I realized that I was not approaching the project correctly. I could try to do some reading too, although I’ve done a good bit of that already.

I need to fix my reading habits too. I really have had a tough time doing any sort of archaeological reading. A lot of it has been putting me to sleep when I try to read. I think that’s mostly related to the general tiredness malaise I’ve been carrying around rather than the material. But it’s been a concern. I also haven’t been able to do much good pleasure reading for myself. I haven’t finished a novel this year, I believe. I have been reading lots of comics from the library (as per previous entries), but that’s about it.

I also haven’t been doing any gaming, which is also nagging at me. That and the fiction reading are just things I’ve been denying myself until I feel like I’ve got a handle on my various assignments for school. Well and good, but since I haven’t been feeling much up to those, I’ve just been fooling around online or asleep instead, trying to get some energy back in order to get to work.

The coming of spring may rescue me though. Yesterday was lovely and today’s nice and sunny too. Once I finish this up up, I’m going to head out bike riding and work up some sweat. Hopefully, getting some regular exercise will help me overcome the lethargy. I’m also thinking I might take a long hot bath before bed tonight.

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