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April 13, 2009

We’re sitting out in our garden today, enjoying our third day of nice sunshiny weather. That’s not doing much for my feeling of malaise, as I’m wondering where the last two weeks went when I should have been getting up to speed on my management plan. Today hasn’t been any better either. Got up, fed the cats, fell asleep.

After I get done writing here, I’m going to try to grab all the material that I have so far and organize it a bit, so I can work on discrete chunks. Tomorrow, I’m planning on going to Taunton to do a bit more research, although perhaps not as much in depth as I had intended.

I have to get onto the site again this week too. That’d have to be on Wednesday or Friday.

No word as yet from any of the parties with a stake in the site, but that’s not much of a surprise, what with the insanely long Easter holiday weekend.

I still need to arrive at a topic for my dissertation too. I’m leaning more and more towards adopting a part of my work placement DBA study, much as my heart still yearns to track down traces of scientific tinkerings scattered across the landscape.

I’ve got a variety of minor bits and pieces I need to take care of too. I have to get the information about my work placement submitted, and make sure that I do get a risk assessment plan for that. I also have some homework I need to do for that project before I hit the records office up in Worcester. Nothing all that tough, but I just have not managed to do jack all while at home for the past two weeks.

So, what might I get done today/tonight?

Heritage Management Plan

o collect all my materials and assess them
o organize the site features and take notes on them
o read the management plan for the Peak District lead mines
o read up on the history of the area
o start to write up the history of the area

Worcester DBA

o collect materials and assess
o organize site features, take notes, etc.
o collect bibliographical references from current materials
o limited map regressions
o upload CDs with LIDAR, Doherty map, etc. to my computer
o Look up any info for tracking down relevant garden architects/designers


o On doing Worcester work, assess validity of potential dissertation topic

I really ought to grab my diary and get to work on that too. I’ve been pretty lax in keeping up a
list of to-dos. That really should be the first thing I reach for after I’ve fed the cats.

Hmmm… What kind of morning routine can I shape?

Cats -> Diary -> Journal -> Exercise -> Breakfast (reading?) -> To Work…

Oh, I did do taxes this weekend, so that’s something.

Definitely need to get this crap sorted out, as it’s all I tend to think about at the moment, which just amps up the anxiety and limits the productivity.

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