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April 14, 2009

Well’s feeling kinda dry this morning.

I’m on the train to Taunton today, off to dig up all the records I’ve decided aren’t really all that crucial for my management plan, but at least it gives me something to do for it while I wait to hear from folks after the Easter holiday. And it’ll also have me in Taunton in case I do hear back and someone’s available today.

Managed to do some organizing of the project last night, although it took putting on my ruthless mindset. It’d be nice if I could get shit down without doig that. After I do my requisite writing here, I’m planning on doing some more reading before I arrive. On the way back, I should have a butt-ton of further material to absorb as well. Then! Then. I’m hoping to actually write a section of the plan tonight, as I should be more than prepared enough to write up a history of the site, at least to a zero or first draft level.

This past term, and the sort of projects I’m currently working on, have all been pretty concrete. That’s one thing I’ll give to the Materialities section, it gave us a dose of theory and of looking hard at interpretation of material remains. I’m not doing much in the way of interpretation with Worcester or up on the Mendips. And that, I think, is coloring my thoughts about my dissertation too. I’m just focusing on nuts and bolts, and that is also exacerbated by my increasing sense of urgency as I spin my wheels trying to get traction on my management project.

Laying that out like that, I do believe what I need is a dose of pie in the sky archaeological reading. Heh. That points right back to my issues with not getting a lot of reading done. And, what I have been reading has been dreadfully practical. I’m currently reading another dissertation advice book, and before that was a volume on heritage management. I’m thinking that my next volume should not be the one about open source GIS, but rather something like Stonehenge, Biography of a Landscape. That, and I probably could do with another go through of The Craft of Research. The latter’s what got me cranking on my materialities essay and may be the kick in the pants I need for my dissertation topic dilemma.

Time out. Hitting the diary…

Well, writing this up today has just paid for itself, methinks.

Here’s a thought I just had. I’m mortified at the thought of calling myself an archaeologist right now, and even have a hard time imagining myself saying that with confidence in the future. I just feel too under-skilled and too unfocused Yeah, I’m still dealing with imposter syndrome, and this despite having seen that one does not need to be Wile E. Coyote, Super-Genius to be a successful archaeologist.

One thing I’m intimidated by is the technical writing aspect of things. I absolutely hated and felt a failure at doing grants when I got (inappropriately, IMHO) tagged to do that when I was the network manager for several school districts in Illinois. Now, I’m well aware that there’s going to have to be that sort of thing in my working life as an archaeologist, and while I don’t feel the same hostility to it that I did when I was doing IT, I still feel like it’s something I can easily mung up.

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