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April 20, 2009

OK, time to get back on the horse. I just spent what amounted to a long weekend spinning my wheels, again. I managed to get some good stuff accomplished in the early part of last week, but from Thursday on I didn’t manage to accomplish much, school wise. Ugh. If I don’t have somewhere to go in the morning, I seem to just laze about and by the time I get revved up for some work, it’s the afternoon. And in the afternoon I’ve been hitting a wall of sluggishness and falling asleep. Then I wake up in time to cook dinner and wind down for the evening, resulting in my accomplishing zilch.

I think I really do need to get out of the house to get any work done without an imminent deadline hanging over me. This morning, for example, when I’m on the train to Worcester once again. I wonder if I can entice any of my cohort into some sort of morning kaffe klatch as a way to get ourselves out and to work…

Something to think about, anyway.

I did manage to do a bit of project housekeeping yesterday, at least. I set up my bibliography for the management plan, made an incomplete list of the salient features that need managing, and sent out some more email to various stakeholders. Now that Easter holidays are over (I hope!), perhaps I’ll actually hear back from some of these people. I did, at least, hear back from the head of my program and it sounds like I can get an extension for the project if I need it to get input and feedback from the various interested parties.

Still need to determine a dissertation topic though, and polish up the proposal for same. Grah.

On the plus side of things, the weather continues to improve and I’ve joined a softball league, which will have me getting dirty and sore on Tuesday nights. The advantage to playing softball in the UK is that my limited range of skills are just fine for the lowest league level. Most everyone else is still trying to learn to catch, hit and throw. I just need to figure out how to throw properly again, and also to improve my range as a fielder, although I did better practicing at shortstop than I had anticipated. I still probably make a better outfielder or first baseman though.

I also want to start riding my bike out on the Bristol/Bath trail more. I was really impressed with it, once I got out of Bristol. There are plenty of great spots to stop and picnic and the trail is in quite good shape. Even better, the people who use the trail are, for the most part, courteous and conscientious. I may just pick up some inline skates too, as skating the trail should work quite well.

OK, now I’m just repeating myself from last week, aren’t I? Just about into Worcester anyway, so it’s time to pack up. Now, if I can just keep myself working, I can actually start writing entries that are more than complaining about not working.

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